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Mr Mashashane

Mr Mashashane is formed by Smarts Media under Smarts Lifestyle with the aim to develop and support the life and future of gentlemen from ga Mashashane. The intention is to unleash their full potential in becoming agents of change.

Lately boys and young men are abandoned and neglected by the system. It looks like the system is only looking to protect and develop girls. These young men end up growing without the support of the community and thinking they are fully matured at an early age. These young men are now vulnerable and end up being the victims of alcohol and drug abuse, school dropout, unemployment and contribute to women and children abuse. We would like to use Mr Mashashane to solve these problems.

Some grow without fathers and mentors, so they have no direction in this journey of life. We’re here for them and believe some of our activities will instil a positive mindset and bear great men of the future.

Smarts Lifestyle is about touching lives and instilling in them a positive mindset and the power to do great. Everyone needs someone to talk to, to walk with or even to sit with in different and mostly difficult events of life.

Mr Mashashane is a pageant and competition for young village men from Ga Mashashane who has leaders and role models in them. You don’t need a title to be a leader but imagine if you had one. Mr Mashashane is for young men who have a drive to effect change around them while inspiring and motivating others to become better versions of themselves.

The plan is to crown Mr Mashashane every December and during the year have different activities to make sure they are living a positive lifestyle and they are doing better things with their lives. We are going to mentor them and support the tasks that will be performed under the title, Mr Mashashane. We aim to sharpen boys to great men and help them unleash their best selves. We are aiming to develop great leaders, men who know their worth and values, men who know the value of a woman and family.

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